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Changes on the main page


First of all, let me reassure you that there have been no changes and there won't be any changes in the members area for Patreon users.

You might have noticed that some things are missing from the current page, such as the video previews and some sections that were there before.
Let's just say it all stems from the fact that Instagram has had me in shadowban for the past 3 weeks, and I've become completely paranoid.
I've tried everything possible, sending an appeal, writing to them, but there's no way...
In the end, I'm starting to think it might all be because of the watermark on the photos that leads to this website, which is currently flagged as adult content on some search engines.
Therefore, I'm going to try to remove all censorable keywords and that includes the page with the video trailers. I'll keep the thumbnails that play a short trailer when you hover over them.

I'll see how the situation progresses and if it improves, because currently, the traffic has plummeted, let alone talk about attracting new followers and such.

Thank you for your support!

Old news...
Date Content Type
2024-07-19 Showing off my new uniform
Short content
2024-07-11 Office outfit of the day
Short content
2024-07-09 Getting ready to go party
Long clip
2024-07-06 Bunny costume
Short content
2024-07-03 Photoshoot before video recording: playing checkers
Short content
2024-06-29 Debuting fishnet pantyhose
Short content
2024-06-21 Wearing my new pantyhose for the first time
Short content
2024-06-16 Working from home before going to the beach
Long clip
2024-06-09 Having breakfast in the sun on Sunday
Short content
2024-06-07 Office outfit of the day
Short content

About me

I'm in love with pantyhose and highheels

About Mia's Feet

Hello! My name is Mia. I'm a 20-year old Italian girl who loves to wear pantyhose and high heels (shoe size 35).

How did it all start?

I was always a big fan of pantyhose and high heels, but everything changed when i met my current boyfriend.

He always tells me all started at school (uniform school where the girls wore pantyhose). Then the internet came. He discovered the old good nyllover forums, feetweek and all those things that influenced him so much.

I enjoy making his fantasies come true and it's pretty fun to share my content with all the passionate foot lovers around the world.

I would love to hear about the videos you would like me to record. If you have any suggestions, please email me and I will try my best.

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My nylon feet clips

Made with love for all pantyhose feet lovers

Getting ready to go party
3min 35s
Working from home before going to the beach
8min 6s
Pantyhose in the sun after work
5min 15s
Trying on high heels
10min 45s
Tickle afternoon
4min 22s
Hooters waitress in trouble
3min 16s
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