In this video, I share an unexpected experience I had while getting ready to head to the office. As usual, I'm preparing to leave home in the morning when I encounter an unexpected obstacle: my car refuses to start. Faced with this situation, I decide to call my boss, who fortunately has the day off.
My boss, always willing to help, promptly shows up and manages to fix my car. While the car issue is resolved, he decides to stay with me for a while to go over some work-related matters. During our conversation, something unusual unfolds: my boss can't resist the attraction he feels towards my feet in suntan pantyhose.

#tights #nylon #shoeplay #blonde #highheels #blowjob #suntan #pantyhose #shoeplay #pedal-pumping #car #standing-shoeplay

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Nylon info

  • Brand: Calzedonia
  • Size: XS
  • Color: Suntan
  • DEN: 30

Shoe info

  • Brand: GUESS
  • Color: Black
  • Size: 35 (EU)